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Welcome to 
Exotic Pet Pals

A professional pet sitting, dog walking & pet wellness company
serving the Greater Annapolis area in Maryland

Scales, Fur, Feathers...we love them all!

What We Can Do for Your Pet

Ask us about our phone app that gives you real-time updates on your pets no matter where you are!


Pet Sitting

The Best for Your Pet

At Exotic Pet Pals, we know how hard it is to balance your love of travel and your love for your pets. We do not board animals and instead come to you. Your pets get to stay in their home, surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds. We are highly skilled individuals who will care for your pets & your home like they're our own to give you peace of mind.

Walking with Dogs

Dog Walking

Putting Your Pet First

We live in a high commuter area where traffic just keeps getting worse. Even the best trained dog will have accidents if left inside too long while you're at work. Allow Exotic Pet Pals to give your dog time outside mid-day (or other times as needed).

Image by Laura Dewilde

Pet Bird Seed to Pellet Conversion

For better health

Sure, birds love seed, but did you know that a pet bird eating a seed diet would be like a human only eating donuts? Pelleted bird food provides your pet with the nutrition it needs, helping your pet bird live longer and healthier. At Exotic Pet Pals, we have experience converting even the most stubborn bird to pellets.

Bearded Dragon

Exotic Pet Nail Trims & Wing Clipping

Putting Your Pet First

Whether it's a bearded dragon, cockatiel, or a guinea pig, we come to you to trim those nails.

Image by Marcelo Leal

Pet Meds & Fluid Administration

Responsible & Reliable

Do you have a cat that needs daily subcutaneous fluids and you either don't have the time or the comfort level? Then please contact Exotic Pet Pals where we have the experience & the know-how.

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