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About the Owner

An Amazing Tail

Hi, I'm Sharon! I have a Bachelor of Science degree in marine biology. I am a life-long animal lover who even adores spiders, snakes and rodents. Growing up I had a beloved family dog named Wilbert, but always wanted & had my own exotic pets as well. "My zoo" growing up consisted of hamsters, fish, an anole, and an iguana; as an adult I've had budgies, cockatiels, a bearded dragon, leopard geckos, hermit crabs and even two pet Australian walking stick bugs. Professionally I worked for many years in the Education departments of Adventure Aquarium and Sea World Orlando, as well as Echoes of Nature ( in Bowie, where I remain as a Board member. My biggest pet experiences came from working as a vet tech for a wonderful exotic pet veterinary hospital in Winter Park, FL (who also treated cats and dogs). Clients of the vet hospital often had me pet sit while they traveled. In 2000, I married my better half and soon after started our family. I founded the nonprofit Crofton First, Inc. in April 2006, and in February 2021 was awarded Crofton Citizen of the Year for my work with Crofton First (

I love living in Maryland, and am happy to serve the people of Anne Arundel County and Bowie!

Exotic Pet Pals is a proud member of both NAPPS and PSI, and has completed the full NAPPS Certification Course!  Exotic Pet Pals is also fully insured & bonded.

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