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Exotic Pet Pals LLC was started during the COVID-19 pandemic, so instead of having to adapt existing policies to new ones to keep everyone safe, we are starting out with these policies already in place. Your safety, your home's safety, your pet's safety, and our own safety are all very important to us. We will be implementing the following policies and are open to doing even more at your request

For Meet & Greets:

  • A virtual Meet & Greet is an option using Exotic Pet Pals' Zoom account to first see one another, answer each other's questions, and work out service details, leaving only a quick visit necessary to pick up your house key, and allow your pet(s) to see their new pet sitter or dog walker. Please let us know if you'd like a virtual Meet & Greet when you first contact us.

For Traditional In-Person Meet & Greets:

  • We require all people present to wear a mask over their nose and mouth for the entirety of the Meet & Greet. 

  • Hand shakes will be with dogs only. :)

  • When possible, we'd also like to meet outdoors.

Electronic communications are safer than good old paper & pen:

  • Because of this, we prefer that all clients create a free account in our secure client portal:  The more information you fill out in there, the less time needed to spend filling out client forms for our initial service.

  • During the pandemic, we prefer credit card payments, which can easily & safely be made through your client portal account. 

We will follow these procedures when in your home:

  • Sanitize our hands before entering your home, and again at the end of the service. 

  • Wear disposable shoe covers. Shoe covers worn in your house will never be worn in another house.

  • Wear a mask.

  • We will use our own door opener and button pusher when able, and disinfect this device between uses.

  • We will limit what we touch in your home, and will sanitize what we touched on our way out. For pet sitting clients, this will be done on our last day of service. It hasn't been easy to find disinfecting wipes, so we've had to make our own. If you have wipes we can use, please leave them out, and thank you!

  • If we have any COVID-19 symptoms, we will notify you, and we will seek out testing and keep you informed. We ask that you please do the same in return.

Covid-19 pet care protocols certificate.
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