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Pet Reiki...huh, what is that?!

I've been wanting to blog about Pet Reiki for a while now, as it's my one service most people don't know anything about. Now that I was interviewed on this very subject, I will take the opportunity to highlight the service and link HERE to the interview so you can watch or listen.

Reiki is a simple, gentle, hands-on energy technique that supports the body’s own ability to heal. Reiki is non-invasive. Reiki heals on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Medical Research supports Reiki for reducing pain, reducing anxiety, promoting faster healing, and improving the well-being of not only the client, but the practitioner as well. It is becoming more common for both human and veterinary hospitals to employ Reiki healers or have nurses get attuned and go through training with a Reiki Master.

Reiki healers use crystals and gemstones to aid in energy clearing and realignment. As discussed in the interview, here are the four I recommend using with your pets:

Clear Crystal Quartz is known as the Master Healing Crystal because it contains the full spectrum of light and therefore works on every level to bring the body into balance. It is effective for all conditions. Clear quartz can help strengthen your pet’s immune system, and can also stimulate energy levels.

Snowflake Obsidian has a calming effect during bouts of anxiety, so it's perfect for a dog who is scared of fireworks and thunderstorms.

Magnetic hematite absorbs negative feelings of worry and fear. In alternative medicine, magnetic therapy has been used for hundreds of years to restore physical and mental health balance as well as reduce swelling and pain.

Amethyst is a powerful all-around healer that people have used since 25,000 B.C. It is not only beautiful but also excellent for calming and healing. Every crystal has its own vibration and amethyst has one that fleas hate! Amethyst also helps deal with arthritis and other pains, as well as help lessen stomach issues. It has also been said to reduce excessive barking in dogs, and screeching in birds, and yowling in cats. Next time I have a Zoom call in the same room as my pet cockatiel, perhaps I’ll lay an amethyst under his cage and see what happens. :)

What does a Pet Reiki session with Exotic Pet Pals entail, and how will the pet patient benefit?

I ask the client to provide a quiet area without distractions in their home for the pet and I to have our session. If it's a dog, the beginning will mostly be letting him/her come to me and settle down, while I quietly center myself in preparation to give Reiki. Then there’s an energy opening I would do so the animal is ready to receive Reiki. The pet may fall asleep, which is perfectly fine and may be even ideal so I can really clear and align his or her energy. Healing energy in me transfers as healing energy to the animal I'm treating.

Who is my ideal patient?

Any animal in pain, like a large dog with chronic hip issues, or a pet undergoing cancer treatment, or an anxious pet scared of thunder or fireworks.

Ready to try it out with your pet? Go ahead and create your free client account, if you don't already have one, and answer all fields marked with "!" This can be done HERE

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