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I ❤ Dog Walking!

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

I have a confession: I like dog walking more than I expected. I have been in business for two weeks now, and both those weeks I have walked a sweet 9-month old puppy who has been growing before my eyes. I already knew I’d love the pet sitting end of things, but when it came to dog walking I just thought “This will be a good service to offer since most people aren’t taking vacations needing pet sitting right now.” I had a beloved dog growing up, but gave up ever owning a dog again for my incredible husband who is even allergic to hypoallergenic dog breeds. In turn, he has tolerated my obsession of exotic pets over the years, having quite a number of birds, lizards, and one fun summer: Australian Walking Stick bugs!

As for dog walking this summer, it has been hot, humid, and I’ve come home with my fair share of mosquito bites, but regardless, I am finding so much joy in this mid-day walk! I am getting exercise that feels good. I am getting sun on my skin after staying indoors mid-day all Spring. I am being mindful, paying full attention to the dog and our surroundings. I am really learning this pup's personality more than if we were just sitting on a sofa. We each take a water break at the walk’s halfway point, and this puppy looks up at me each time with such pure love that only a dog can give.

I can fit a lot more walks in my schedule currently, so please send people my way (if they reside in #Maryland), or let me know if I can help you. I know a lot of people got puppies this Spring, and now if they are leaving the house for work again, those puppies are going to need exercise and socialization in the middle of the day.

Either way, if you see me walking a dog around town, feel free to give me a wave, and know that I am grinning ear-to-ear under my mask.

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