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Who am I?

First off, I do not find it easy to write about myself. I am an empath who loves meeting people and finding out all about them; tooting my own horn does not come naturally. Still, I think you deserve to know more about the person you are entrusting your home and your pets to while you are away. I am the pet owner who leaves 3 pages of typed & bulleted info for the pet sitter every time I leave and am so happy when I get an update from them. Without that I do not think I would be able to relax when traveling. So, whether you are laid back and give me minimal instruction, or the Type-A-who-leaves-a-binder-of-care-instructions, you will not get any judgement from me. You will however get top-notch care and daily visit reports.

I recently took a call from a client who said my name sounded familiar. We ended up spending at least the first 5 minutes trying to place how she knows me. This happens often since I have resided in Crofton for over 16 years and have met a lot of people along the way. Besides Exotic Pet Pals LLC, I am the Founder and Chairman of Crofton First, Inc., a grass-roots nonprofit here fighting for smart growth along the Route 3 corridor. I am also a student & staff member of Crofton Yoga, and love that community so much! It is also where I received my Reiki training that allows me to offer Pet Reiki (next blog post perhaps?). You may also recognize my name or face because of my previous successful business, DVDs 2 Cherish. I closed that sole proprietorship in 2018 to work full-time for a company that sadly did not survive the pandemic.

Or perhaps you saw me holding a red-tailed hawk at a school, day camp, nursing home or nature table for Echoes of Nature, a wonderful local educational nonprofit. Or am I your child’s Sunday School teacher at lovely St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church? Finally, you may know my spouse or my kids, and have sat through many school events next to me in Crofton and Edgewater (oh how I miss South River’s Improv Nights!)

No matter where or how you may know me, or maybe you don’t know me at all…yet, please do know that I have always loved animals, have worked with animals in various capacities, and have worked hard to get my professional pet sitting certification – not a job requirement, but something that does make me stand out among the best in the business. Please remember Exotic Pet Pals for care while you are away, or even when you’re home and just need one less thing on your plate (i.e.: mid-day dog walking while you’re busy home schooling this Fall!) And if you do know me, please comment wherever you are reading this on how we met! Feel free to contact me any time at 443-384-PETS or at

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